Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY Shelf Backing

 The first thing I noticed when we moved into our condo was the built in bookshelf next to the fireplace. I have always wanted a bookshelf to play around with design wise. Only downside is that all of the woodwork in our condo is ugly yellow-orange stained oak. 
I thought maybe I would at least paint the fireplace mantle and the bookshelf white while we were here, but now that we only have 10 months left I don't think its worth the time. 

So my next idea was to at least cover some foam core with fabric and put it in the back of the bookshelf.  Those of you who have used foam core know that it can be pretty pricey especially for as much as I would need, plus the cost of decorator fabric. Well I just happened to come across this awesome shelf liner paper at TJMAXX for $5.99! I bought 2 packs just in case and was glad I did. I wouldn't have needed it had I not messed up one of the sheets :S Oh well. 

Luckily the shelves are removable, so I took them all out and started at the top with a piece in the middle. I just peeled about an inch of the backing off and lined the top up and then slowly peeled more and more off as I smoothed it out with a credit card. 
I had to cut down the 2 side pieces and match them up, and like I said it's not perfect, but I'm probably the only one who can tell, especially with everything back on the shelf. 

 I think it turned out pretty great! And our landlord can always peel it right off after we move if she doesn't like it. 

The pictures aren't that great, still saving up for a decent camera, so for now you get the iPhone pictures. 



I have to say it would look even better if those shelves where white. It would really set off the grey, but I'll save my sanity for when we actually buy a house. :) 

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