Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top 5 Interior Design Tips

There are quite a few things that I believe can make or break a space, but here are my top 5

ONE// Don't buy matching bedroom or living room sets...unless you want your room to have little to no character and  look like you bought everything from a catalog.

TWO// Don't buy meaningless accessories just because you want to decorate your home in one day and  because that meaningless accessory happened to match the colors in your space. Use things that mean something to you. The best accessories are the ones you just happen upon and fall in love with. And yes, this means that I don't recommend trying to go out and accessorize your home all in one day. A meaningful and well "layered" home happens over time. A few meaningless objects are ok, just don't fill your house with them :) 

I love this quote that I read today on Design for Mankind. 'Design can be thoughtful or thoughtless and much of the design we're surrounded by everyday is the latter.' 
The whole post is great so head over and check it out. 

THREE// Pay attention to what you put on your walls. Don't hang your pictures to high! That is probably my biggest pet peeve. If you have a grouping of pictures obviously one of them will be up high, but the center of the grouping or of one large piece of art should be at eye level of an average height adult. Even if you're working with a really tall/high wall, don't try and balance out the wall by hanging your picture higher. It should still be at eye level. 

FOUR// Don't put all of your furniture up against the wall or spread it out in a large room. Create groupings of furniture. Sometimes a large room may need more than one grouping. 

FIVE// Don't choose a bold paint color unless you know what your doing or you ask the advice/opinion of a professional. And sometimes neutral is just better. Bold colors can be fantastic if done right, but they have the potential of being ghastly. Colors have many different tints, shades, undertones, etc. so if you aren't good with color, please ask for help :) 

ok so I have to add one more.

SIX// Adding a rug can make all the difference in a space. Just make sure it's not too small. 

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  1. These are great! Thanks for the tips. :)

  2. guilty off every single one of these. pretty sure you just looked at my house and wrote this! I did just rehang all the pictures in my house, so you taught me one thing!