Friday, February 8, 2013

Living Room on Less

I've had this living room on my Pinterest board forever and every time I look at I fall more in love. The play of the chartreuse, magenta, and navy together is awesome. I also love the look of the layered rugs. 

But since I'm pretty sure this sofa alone is more than $5000 dollars I decided to come up with a more reasonably priced setup with the same look and color play. I was actually pretty surprised at how close I came to finding almost identical matches for almost everything in the room. I even found a chartreuse sofa with piping! 

The grand total for 
1 sofa + 5 throw pillows
1 sitting chair + throw pillow
1 coffee table
2 lamps
2 rugs
1 side table/stool
2 gallons Benjamin Moore paint

is $4044.97

That is an awesome deal when you consider that the sofa alone in this designer room would cost you more than that. I'm also a lover of pillows and the fun color and pattern they add, but you could always cut down on the number of throw pillows and it would be even less. I also factored in the cost of Benjamin Moore paint which is a little more expensive. You could just have it color matched and pay a little less there as well. The color I chose for the room is called Gentleman's Gray by Benjamin Moore. 

by Lexie Sandberg
Carpe Diem Design

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