Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dining Chair Revamp

The summer before we moved to Des Moines I found these great chairs at the DI (Deseret Industries if you're not a Utah native ) for $5 a piece! Well they were great when I was finished with them. The caning on the backs was actually faux so there were no breaks or holes in it and all of the chairs still had sturdy legs. They just needed a good scrub down, paint job, and reupholstered seats. (Those orange velvet seats were DISGUSTING)

Every time I get knee deep in a project like this I ask myself what was I thinking, until I see the finished product. It's well worth it to have something unique in your home. 

I used oil based paint, which I highly recommend if you ever paint furniture. It's messy and sometimes a pain in the butt, but the end result is worth it. 

Natalie Cox, of the blog Natty by Design, has some great tips here about painting furniture. 
She is constantly refinishing pieces and actually sells them as well, go here to see some of her work.



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