Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christmas Break

I promised a recap from our month long Christmas break. I don't know if I have it in me to write much today, so i'll let you experience it through pictures instead :)

The first blizzard of the year hit the day we planned on leaving...

Presents all wrapped and ready to go. I had lots of fun with my wrapping this year. That's one thing I love to do is get creative and crafty with gift wrapping. 

Landon trying to get his car out to go get an oil change before we left (which ended up being the next day) It doesn't look like that much snow, but the wind is what makes it a true blizzard. Snow was PLASTERED to EVERYTHING. There was a huge snow drift blocking the door to our complex. 

A lovely view for a very long and slow drive. You can't tell in this pic very well but there was about 
1-2 inches of ice on the highway until we hit Wyoming. 

I think we saw over 100 cars off the side of the road. 

Christmas Sunday 

Thor looking very proud of his new toy 

Lots of crafting. I really got into embossing and made some fun thank you cards and little Valentine's goodie bags.  

A little stop in Mexico. The weather was divine. Man I wish I was there now. 

My paperwhite and amarylis that made the trip from Iowa with us. Landon thought it was pathetic that I insisted that we take them with us because I wanted to see them bloom :) 

The little beggars. They wanted these soy beans so bad so my mom gave each of them one and they would just spit them out on the floor and come back for more. 

Living Planet Aquarium with Mandy, Luke, & Dane 

I finally made another quilt. This is only the second of my lifetime, which is pathetic because my mom is such an amazing quilter/seamstress. 

Went to Ruth's Chris for the first time. It was definitely delicious. This caramelized banana cream pie was amazing. 

On the road again back to Iowa

Then I had to unpack all of this... 

This picture doesn't show all of it either. I don't know how we fit all that crap in our car. 

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