Sunday, December 16, 2012

What is this world coming to?

What a crazy week! It almost seems unreal. A tragedy, my last day at work, and a "pants pandemic" all in one week is a lot to go through. Exciting news, ridiculous news, happy news, and horrible news all at once. I have so many feelings all pent up I have to get them out!

I'm scared to feel like I can't send my children anywhere because I can't be sure that they are safe. But how lucky I am to know that if anything ever did happen to them that they would be safe in their Heavenly Father's arms until I can be with them again. So many fears about becoming a parent yet I want it so badly because there is so much beauty and joy in it. My heart goes out to those involved in the shooting.

I'm so excited to be done at work. I learned so much working at J.Crew, had so many good and bad experiences, and met so many great people, but it is time for me to move on. I'm ready to get back into interior design and to have the best job of being a mother. At the same time, I'm scared because I don't have a set in stone plan yet for when we get back from Christmas break and I have no idea how long it will be before we actually have kids. I've decided to have faith and follow Heavenly Father's plan rather than making my own. Because as we all know, our own plans hardly ever work out :)

Finally, I'm so frustrated with this whole, what I call, "pants pandemic." I really don't understand how women can feel that there is inequality in our church, but I also understand that everyone doesn't think or feel the same as I do.
BUT I will say, the Gospel is not about who gets to say the prayer and its especially not about what we wear. I feel like if cultural norms within the church are what we are worried about then we need to take a step back and realize what its really all about. That is Satan's way of getting us to focus on things other than what really matters.
I can think of countless talks given by church leaders about the importance of women, about how special they are. The differences between men and women are what make us so special and unique in our roles as mothers and fathers. And by differences, I don't mean what we wear or if we work outside the home or not. I am completely fine if a women wears pants to church or if she feels more fulfilled when she works. (I am using these 2 examples, but there are many more) All I am asking is, don't use your time at church to "bring awareness" to cultural norms that really don't matter. Use that time to build yourself and others higher and to worship God and his son Jesus Christ.
We have been counseled to not be easily offended and I believe that includes the trivial things that these women are trying to bring awareness to. Have faith in the Lord and follow his Gospel and everything will be ok, I promise :)
And finally, to those who have made threats and have been rude and nasty to "the women wearing pants," shame on you. You need to take a step back as well and reevaluate what you are fighting for and how you are doing so.
This will be my last and final rant on the subject and from here on out I will be praying to have peace with the matter because I think I have worked myself up way to much about it. :)

Ok I am done and done.

On a much higher note, I am absolutely loving this video. I downloaded the song on iTunes and have listened to it a million times. This is what we should really be focusing on this time of year and it is what I plan on realigning my thoughts with this week. Merry Christmas!


  1. Thanks for your thoughts Lexi! I feel the same way you do. If you want to wear pants then do it but don't make worship time in the Lords house a time to "protest." But you put it much better than I did. Good luck on your new adventures with job and kids. Thanks for being such great nursery leaders for my little girl. You'll be great parents! I'll be thinking about you.

  2. Well said Lex. Remembering that our plans don't usually work out the way we want is because our Heavenly Father doesn't want what's good for us, He wants what's BEST for us! I'm excited for this next year and what it holds for your growing little family! Love you and hope I get to see you while you're here in Utah.