Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful Part 3

                                                                        Nov 6.

I imagined my day 6 being about a much different subject, but it seems that life never goes the way you plan.
Today I am thankful for trials. Trials that strengthen your testimony of the Savior, that make you grow, that make you closer to the ones you love, and that show you the comfort the Holy Ghost can bring.
Many of you may have already guessed that Landon and I were expecting. Unfortunately, at my 10 week doctors appointment we found out that our little one no longer had a heartbeat. Needless to say it has brought us a lot of heartache but has also brought us closer to the Savior, to each other, and to our families. I normally wouldn't share such personal info here on our blog, but I know that there are many women who go through this and want you to know you are not alone. As hard as it is, be thankful for your trials.

Nov. 7

I'm thankful for the temple. What an amazing place it is. I love the peace I feel there. I love visiting here in Utah and being able to see a temple right out my parents' window. I hope that those of you living in Utah or close to a temple never take it for granted. I hope that I never take the temple for granted.

Nov. 8

I'm thankful for talents. It's so amazing how many talents are spread throughout the world. I have been blessed with great talents and hope that I can use them to do good and positively impact those around me. I'm also thankful for those who have talents that I don't that are willing to share them with me. I definitely need to be better at sharing mine more.

Nov. 9

I'm thankful for friends. I have awesome friends in Utah and Iowa. Many of them on missions around the world. I'm so glad to have them, especially in Iowa, away from family. I'm especially thankful for my best friend, my mom.


  1. Lexie, I admire you so much. Thanks for being a great example. Prayers to you and your family at a hard time. I love the mom poster, so true. Xx.

  2. I just linked to your blog via Pinterest and have been reading back through all your great posts. Anyway I had no idea you were expecting and even the heartbreak of realizing it makes me feel for you. For some reason this also brought me comfort because I think I will be going through the same trial. Your time will come and I know you will be such an amazing mother! Xoxo ali