Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Birthday for me

I'm pretty proud of myself for blogging as much as I have lately. Now I just need to get more people out there to realize I haven't abandoned my blog, because I think they've given up on me :)

We had  a great time with Landon's parents over the Thanksgiving weekend. My birthday was Sunday and Landon and his parents did all the cooking for me and took me out to dinner the night before. So great not having to cook! Landon made us delicious pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and then we had a quick dinner before we had to take Becky and Jerry to the airport. Becky made an awesome mint chocolate bundt cake as well. It was a great day!
 I also had yesterday and today off so I took advantage of my weekend-long birthday, and got a facial in the morning, finished my Christmas decorations, Landon and I tried a new Thai restaurant downtown that was really good for dinner, and my cute Grimes friends took me out for ice-cream. Now back to cooking for the rest of the week :) Landon also really surprised me with flowers as well. Whenever he gets me flowers I always seem to know beforehand or have hinted that he should get me some ;) but this time he really did surprise me when he walked in the door from work with them in hand. Such a great husband! I really couldn't have chosen anyone more perfect for me.

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  1. Your holiday decorations are so so cute! I hope your Birthday was fantastic. That cake looks amazing.