Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Still There?

My last post was in May and it is now.... almost October. Wow I have been a slacker. Mostly just more school and work for us around here. We have had a chance to do a couple of fun things lately though.

My mom came for a week back in August and we took her to the good 'ol Iowa State Fair. I also took her to a couple of the famous local spots including Fong's Pizza and Snookie's Malt Shoppe. Both are DELICIOUS. If you come visit I'll take you there too ;) We also had a little crafty time and made a dip dyed table runner. Lastly, of course we had to take a trip to somewhere new so we headed to Kansas City, MO for an overnighter, where we did some shopping, sightseeing, and ended with an endowment session at the new temple. Such a great time, so sad she is gone :( But I will be heading to Utah the first part of November so I just have to hold out until then. So excited to see the new Anthro and West Elm at City Creek! 

Landon, Thor and I have been able to hit up the downtown farmers market a couple of times and I used my produce for some yummy recipes including raspberry applesauce, spinach and butternut squash manicotti, and eggplant parmesan. YUM. As you may know I am a sucker for flowers as well and they have some gorgeous flowers at the market. One lady sells HUGE dinner plate dahlias that are as big as your head. I didn't bring any of those home with me but I did bring home some beauties :) 

I also threw in a couple of photos from earlier this summer, one from Raccoon River "Beach" and one of the never ending corn fields of Iowa. And of course I had to throw one in of our dog child, Thor, who is quite the snuggly pup. He also loves the new ottoman that I finally found. I think I love it too. 

Well that's it for now folks. We have some big news coming up for you but we have to work out a few more details first. So stay tuned! 


  1. I am still here! :) I am so excited for the West Elm too! I am on the prowl for plates. I heard you and Ali have a plate wall too and I need to get mine done :)

  2. I'm glad you're still alive! It's been awhile (not that I have any room to talk but I don't live out of state where NOBODY sees me) :) Unlike my sister I do not have a plate wall and do not have ANY idea what West Elm is. Like my sister, however, am hoping we get to see you when you are here in November. Maybe we should do a ladies night that week!

  3. Cody and I were happy to see a new post! So glad your mom made it back and life is treating you well. We can't wait to see you next month!