Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yep...We're Still Here In Iowa

Yes we are still alive here in Iowa. Sorry it's been awhile. Mostly I just go to work. Eat. Sleep. Go to work. Work some more. And then work some more. It's nice it keeps me busy but I am getting a bit burned out lately so I talked Landon into getting a pass to the YMCA down the street. I went to my first yoga class there this week and feel like I definitely need to mix in some more things such as this into my week. I also finally got our spare bedroom organized and turned into my makeshift craft room and am hoping to find myself back in the painting mode very soon. I just have to remember to keep the balance and not forget to do the things I love!

I am also very excited to announce that we got a new sofa a couple of weeks ago. Yay! And what do you know, it's the "Landon" sofa from Pottery Barn :) Lovin it, but still looking for an ottoman. I don't like the ones that go with the sofa, too matchy matchy for me. I think I'm wanting something with a little pattern. So we'll see what I can find.

We also took a trip to Chicago a few weeks ago and had a fun weekend. The whole trip came about when someone ran into my car in the parking lot at work and since the damage is hardly noticeable we decided to seize the day and use the insurance money to get away. We toted Thor along with us which was quite a time. I always love how he can make just about anyone smile as he struts down the street. :)
I've always wanted to stay at a fun boutique hotel, so we used the bulk of our money and splurged on a suite with a jacuzzi tub and all. It was also a pet friendly hotel and when we got there they had a little doggie bag full of essentials for Thor as well as a dog bed and bowl in the room for him. :) It was rainy while we were there but we still had fun shopping, visiting Shedd Aquarium, the Art Institute of Chicago, eating at Giordano's Pizza (delicious!), and also stopping by Ikea and the Chicago Temple on the way home.

I'm so excited we get to come home the end of May for my brother Ben's wedding and then again in June for Lake Powell. I'm definitely a homebody and have had a hard time being away from home so it's always nice to have something to look forward to. And.... it's not for sure yet, but I'm crossing my fingers... Landon will probably be graduating early! He is taking classes this summer and hopefully next which will allow him to graduate in December 2013 instead of May 2014! So keep your fingers crossed for me.

Well that's all for now folks! I will do my best to post pictures to go along with this post ASAP.



  1. Lex! It's good about your Iowa happenings! Glad to hear everything's coming together in your little apartment! and that you're getting settled! Please post pics! We miss you and are excited to see you at Ben's Wedding! Crazy that you might be home the end of NEXT YEAR! That's awesome! Tell Landon to keep truckin' it so you you guy can come home soon!

  2. i'm happy to hear what's been going on! when i was working full time i got burned out, too. you totally need to mix in those things you love - i would love to see some of your paintings! and how did you like your yoga class?? did you feel the zen?