Thursday, March 8, 2012

I would like to exercise my right to the First Amendment without comment PLEASE!

Ok here it goes.
I know the title of this post is something that is practically impossible in the America of our day, but I can dream right? Oh and another disclaimer for this post...I'm writing this to vent and I figured at least this is a better place to do it than on Facebook. Hopefully it will save me from most of the crazy comments.
It's normally not in my nature to get into heated debates about world issues but I just can't help myself with this one. Being bashed for no good reason about posting a video just makes me frustrated I guess :)
I received the Kony 2012 video a couple of days ago from a friend at work and after watching it was kind of disgusted with myself that I didn't know hardly anything about this issue. I knew there were horrible things happening but not any of the details. I've never been one to donate to every little campaign sent my way so I had no intention of donating to the fund, especially without doing my research first, but just thought that it was a video worthy of others seeing because of the awareness it can bring.
Not too long after posting the video, several people had passed it on our made comments about it. One of the comments I didn't quite agree with, so even though its against my nature I decided to post a short reply. Here is the comment:
"I am a little confused about this.. the procceeds go to the Ugandan Army, correct? Looking at previous news reports, they may not abduct children but they ARE well known for rape and looting and aren't very poplular with their own poeple. So aren't we funding MORE war crimes -while promoting peace? Also, if they DO manage to take out Kony, what then? These children have been brainwashed and indoctrinated into thinking Kony is some demi-god and that he has "spiritual powers". Even with him gone, what's going to happen to these kids? They have to be emotionally messed up with all that they've seen and done.. where do they even go? Kony would make them kill their parents after they had been abducted. I THINK IT IS AWESOME THAT THEY ARE RAISING AWARENESS, but I think it is a lot more complex then simply taking Kony out. I want to see a solution that includes what will happen for the children AFTER he is removed."
My reply was " I agree that this is definitely not going to fix the whole situation but I do think that Invisible Children knows that. At least this is a start at trying to knock down the bigger issue and if nothing else make the world aware of what is going on."
Then the arrows started to fly. A bunch of comments were made by others including "posting a 30 minute video doesn't make you an activist it shows you've learned how to use the Internet."
I'm sorry, but I don't consider myself an activist, I'm not donating to some cause I know nothing about, I'm not just "a sheep" as another said. I am only exercising my right to the First Amendment, hoping others will become more aware of the issues going on in the world.
Now my venting session is about to end, but I just have to post one more comment thread...
Person #1 "Facebook makes it very clear that people are sheep"
Comment made by person #2 "Totally feel that way with this movie thing that's going on. Koby or whatever kony. Anyways"
Seriously Person #2? Get your head out of the hole in the ground. Obviously you haven't even watched the movie and have no clue what it's about.
What is SO wrong with posting a motivational video that makes others aware!? If this was a Mormon Message being passed around on Facebook no one would make a peep! They would be on the bandwagon too! Not every person that posts the video has donated money or their lives to this cause or as some would say "promoting war crimes"!
Ok enough is enough. I know I sound like a babbling idiot. But just had to get it off my chest. The end.
P.S. Here is a link that is a source for accurate information about Invisible Children’s mission, financials and approach to stopping LRA violence
and here is another link saying that Invisible Children isn't a cause we should be donating to
Do your research and decide for yourself. "Don't be a sheep!" ;) And if you don't intend to donate but just want to be informed about the issue at hand like I did, here is the link to the original video


  1. I would have been pissed. Totally uncalled for. If people don't have positive feedback don't post anything! Sorry Lexi, some people suck.

  2. Here is my favorite thing about facebook- there are SO many people that post things ON PURPOSE to light the fire and I say nothing. Then there is ONE time I post a bumper sticker that says, "Honk if I will be paying for your health care" and those same people, DEFRIEND me because "I can't think for myself". So double sided. Anyway, I agree with Chels...people suck :)