Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Looking through the bullet hole in the door at Carthage
you can see the window that Joseph fell out of

At the burial site of Joseph & Hyrum

Such an amazing temple

The window at Carthage

Crossing the Missisippi to get to Nauvoo

Here are the pictures from Nauvoo I promised.
We went a few weekends ago while Landon's mom Becky was here. We went to Carthage as well, which is only about 30 min. from Nauvoo, and the drive there was awesome. You follow the Mississippi river the whole way and the huge trees lining the sides of the river bank arch over the road. Even better was that all the leaves were changing.
It was such an amazing experience. The temple is absolutely beautiful inside and out.
We spent the night in the historic home of Willard Richards, who was with Joseph when he was killed. It was a fun place to stay and I would definitely recommend it if you ever visit.
Other than that we have just been up to the same old, same old work and school. Landon is finishing up his second memo...16 pages. I am in the process of training to be a personal shopper at work which I'm pretty excited about. My parents are coming out next week for Thanksgiving and my birthday and I am counting down the days! Although one nice thing about being here in Iowa instead of Utah is that it has only snowed once and it has already melted. We are still enjoying fall weather while ya'll freeze back in Utah :)

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