Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Guardian Angel in Beebeetown, Iowa

Last weekend my mom flew out for her first visit and we had such a great time. She made it feel like home here. Don't get me wrong, Landon is the best of everything and I definitely couldn't be here without him. There is just a special relationship that a girl has with her mom, well atleast I do being the only girl. We did everything from crafting, cooking, painting our walls, talking, shopping, and best of all getting lost and almost running out of gas in the middle of nowhere. And I got the whole weekend off of work, which was a nice break for me as well.
We made some really cute Halloween bunting banners out of burlap that I found on pinterest, yummy peach cobbler with the fresh Utah peaches my mom carried on the plane with her (they don't have good fresh peaches in Iowa) and spent all day Saturday painting almost the entire condo. Even Landon was surprised how much we got done. We painted over those chocolate pudding walls in the bedroom and living room, one of the orange walls in the dining area, and the rest of the walls in the living room and entry. So now besides white, we only have 2 colors going on. For such a small space, there were way too many color changes going on before. We chose Silverplate by Sherwin Williams, which is a light grey. I will post pictures when I have more time. Man it's amazing what paint can do. It looks so much more fresh and open.
The day after she got here we planned to make a trip to Omaha to go to the Winter Quarters Temple and go shopping, but on the way there we hit a small detour. The highway the gps told us to take was a shortcut to get to Omaha, but what we didn't know is that highway is closed due to flooding damage. So we had to turn around and head back 30 miles to the main I-80. All the while my gas light has turned on and I have a little less then 30 miles to go before my car runs out of gas. The problem is, there is not a gas station in sight because we are off the main highway. We were in the middle of farmland. I am about to burst into tears thinking we are going to get stranded as we exit the highway and follow signs to a small town hoping there will be a gas pump there. No gas pump in sight. We stop at a little bar/restaurant in this one street town and the nice man inside comes out, gets on his tractor and tells us to follow him to his farm down the road where he has gas. The nicest man in the world in Beebeetown, Iowa practically filled my car full and wouldn't let us pay him. The Lord was definitely watching out for us that day. I hope something awesome happened to that man that day. His family had lived on that farm for over 100 years.
So we made it to Omaha, but a few hours later than expected so we couldn't make our temple appointment, but we still had a fun day. I had such a fun weekend and it was hard when she had to leave, but now I am looking forward to my parents coming out for Thanksgiving and Landon's mom is coming out for Fall Break.
I will post pictures of the paint job and such later this week!


  1. Mom's are the best...and you you have one of the best mom's! I love that the guy in Beebeetown was so sweet to you guys what an awesome story and a fun adventure..(now that it is over!) Can't wait to see pics of your place with a fresh coat of paint!! I want to see your cute Halloween bunting too!

  2. Lexie, its Elora Gertsch Schafer! I don't know if you remember me. I love your blog, I also want to know what you charge for a consultation? You should post some of your DIY things, I love all your wrappings and decorations! Email me