Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where do babies come from?

For the past few days I have been watching 2 cute boys in our ward while their mom is out of town and dad is at work. At ages 6 & 9, they are hilarious and I have definitely had my ear talked off. I've had a fun time and want to share with you a couple of my favorite quotes from the past 3 days...

#1 While we are driving in the car Older Boy (OB) is telling Younger Boy (YB) about a funny story that happened before (YB) was born. Then (OB) goes on to talk about how a little while after that his mom went to the hospital and had (YB). This is the dialogue following...

(YB): "Do the moms get all cut up when they have a baby?"
(OB): "No it comes out of somewhere."
(YB): "Where does it come out of?"
(OB): "I don't know, some special place. You would have to ask a girl."
(YB): "Lexie do you know where babies come out of?"
Me: "Yes but I think that's something you should ask your mom about."
(YB): "So are you saying that you really don't know?"
Me: "No I know, I just think your mom should be the one to tell you."

Thankfully after convincing both of them that I really did know but that they would have to ask their mom about it, we moved on to a different subject. I swear, isn't that the one question you pray you don't get asked when your watching someone else's kids!?

#2 We stopped by our condo for a second to pick Thor up on our way to football practice. Let me preface this by saying that our condo is a weird setup, sort of like a hotel where there is a long hallway inside with all the front doors down each side. I hate this setup because other people in the building smoke and in turn the hallway stinks like smoke. Definitely wish they were all outdoor entries. But anyway, as we are walking up to the door OB comments about how it smells like smoke. When we walk inside our condo, Landon is home from school and YB asks him "Is that smoke smell out there from everyone lighting their fireplaces?"

Ok so maybe these are the kind of stories where you just have to be there. Everything is always more funny in person rather than typed out unless your an amazing storyteller/writer which I am not, but hopefully you got a good laugh.