Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Humble Abode

Here is the 360 tour of our humble abode here in Iowa. The lighting and such in these pics is horrible but it gives you an idea. P.S. if you didn't read my previous post, the chocolate pudding walls won't be staying for much longer :)
The orange walls in the dining area were already here too. I'm not quite sure if I want to keep them or not. I don't want to completely repaint everything since we won't be here forever. What do you think?

Good sized deck

Dining area...Not quite loving all of this together but it will have to work for now. I will have to share the before picture of those chairs with you in another post. I got them at the DI for $4 a piece. They were brown before with nasty pink velvet upholstery.


Bench in our bedroom that I picked up at a consignment store. Unfortunately I don't have a before pic but the legs used to be painted brown and it was upholstered in some ugly maroon plaid fabric. I painted it and my amazing mom reupholstered it for me with some remnant fabric I got at the Bijou Market.

Master Bath

Our Bedroom (like I said the pudding wall won't be staying)

Guest Bath

Built in bookshelf next to the fireplace. I was really excited about this feature of our place. I've always wanted a fun built in bookcase to stage. I think it turned out pretty good.

Living Area


  1. Amazing!!! You know how to make a place cute and homey fast!! I love your main room and bedroom!! Lovely taste!

  2. lexie this is beautiful! you are so good. i'm glad you're already all moved in - i hope iowa is treating you well!!

  3. you can make anything look good. your bench turned out amazing. i couldn't "catch your vision" of what that terrible bench had the potential be someday! p.s. i like your kitchen rug. =)