Thursday, August 18, 2011

Office Space

A Little More Feminine and Cooler Tones

More of a Monochromatic Look

Or....Spunky, Warmer Tones

After only having 1 bedroom most of our marriage, we now have a second bedroom that I plan on turning into an office/art studio. Landon plans on using it as a study room but we'll see how long that lasts. I think he'll be too distracted at home, but who knows :). We already purchased the grey desk, white chair, and filing cabinet seen in the design plan (I found out yesterday that the desk is on back order and won't ship until Sept. 30! :S) and hopefully over the next few months we'll be able to get the green desk, Louis ghost chair, drapes, and rug. A little at a time of course. I'm still debating on the rug though! Which of these options do you like the best?


  1. I like the first rug.... The "cooler tones" one, because the colors are great, and with how many different colors there are it would be easy to change the style of the room with different colored pictures, pillows from season to season... Just a thought... I know I like to mix up my rooms every now and then

  2. truthfully...I hate them all. But who am I to say, I didn't go to school for interior design. If I had to absolutely pick...I'd go with the warmer tones. Its more colorful and brings some life to the grey desk and drapes.

  3. yikes. hate is a strong word! i like the first one! but, you could have probably guessed that. i love me some color! post pictures of your place, i'm excited to see how it turned out! hope you're having fun back there!