Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here In Iowa...

Here's a compilation of a few random photos taken since our move out here to Iowa. First off, the day after we got here my dad and Landon went golfing and Landon shot his first ever eagle. I'm hoping it means good luck for us while we're here.

Here is the rig that we rode out here in. Isn't she a beauty? For real though, this guy drove this motor home from FLORIDA!? He was trying to patch it up at the gas station when we stopped some where in the middle of Nebraska. This thing looked like it came from the local scrap yard. It was hilarious to say the least if not short of a miracle.

Our first weekend alone we went fishing and it was SO windy. We had to create a little shelter for Thor because he is deathly afraid of the wind.

Landon's catch

If you didn't know, Iowa is a big deal when it comes to the Presidential campaign and elections so there has been a lot of buzz around.

Our sleepy little guy. I bought this really soft white blanket at Costco and he is in love with it.

This picture was taken at about 11:00 at night after Landon had fallen asleep from a combo of law school reading and Ambien. He was so out that I was able to take of his glasses, remove the pen and paper from his hands, turn off the lamp, and steal my pillow out from under him all without even the slightest sign of him waking.

Landon and his baby boy. I tell you, Landon is so in love with that dog, I can't wait to see him when we have kids.


  1. Love your guys headboard! That is totally what I want for ours. Did you buy it or make it? If you bought it where'd you get it?

  2. i love thor!! love him. also, your house is darling! you've done such a good job so far.. i dream to have the funds to make ours look even a tenth the quality of yours. (;