Thursday, June 30, 2011


So I know that every girl on the face of the planet now has a pair of TOMS, but before they became all the rage (about 2 summers ago, the typical amount of time it takes for Utah to catch on to the trends) I bought an army green pair and fell IN LOVE. They are SO comfortable. Especially when you're designing flowers for 13 hours straight like I was last Thursday. So when I saw this amazing coral linen pair at Lolabella last weekend I fell in love again.

My first pair is pretty trashed from being worn while gardening and such, so like I said before, even though EVERYONE has a pair I will admit I still ordered them. The color is even more fabulous in person. The only problem was that every store in Utah that sells TOMS is out of this style/color in my size, as well as and a zillion other shoe websites. I thought for sure would be out of them too (they didn't even have this color in the store) but I figured I would check and see and what do you know...they had some! YAY! But you better go get some fast because they are already almost out of every size. I must have checked their website right as they put them on it. Lucky me!

And P.S. the linen style of TOMS fit about a 1/2 size bigger than the traditional canvas.

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