Monday, May 23, 2011

A Few Crafty Moments & A Most Adorable Puppy

So now that school is out I actually have time to do crafty things! I'm not your typical crafter with a room full of modge podge, glue guns, and scrapbook paper, but I do love being able to recreate an idea I've seen in a store or magazine for less. So here's a peek at what I've created lately. I had a fun craft night with some cute friends from school the other night and that got me started. :)

I also had to throw in a couple of pictures of the pup...

Ok so I am in love with this and can't wait to hang it up! I just googled a dachshund silhouette, made a stencil, and painted it on a canvas with grey paint. (P.S. all canvases at Benjamin Franklin are 50% off!)

Just woke up from a nap with his little fox friend

More stencils

I already had this cute teacup from Anthro thanks to my bro. Cody & sis-in-law Alli. Then just dried some billy balls, cut a piece of foam to fit, stuck them in, added moss, and voila!

This is my favorite crafty craft as of lately. I have always wanted to make a terrarium, but it can be pretty pricey to buy all of the necessities. When I was at Ben Franklin buying canvases they had awesome ideas for making them with faux plants. The box it's in was originally brown but I wanted a more modern look so I painted it grey (my new fav color if you haven't noticed ;)) Then added some river rocks to the bottom, some reindeer moss, faux succulents, and curly willow branches. I bought this bag of reindeer moss at pottery barn a few months ago and I can't get enough of it! It's the same moss I used in my tea cup. The curly willow is from the flower arrangement at the end of this post. The stones, box, and succulents are all from Ben Franklin. I must say I'm not usually a fan of faux plants and flowers but I was really impressed with how realistic the succulents look.

Fun arrangement I did for a baby shower at my mom's house. Consists of curly willow, orange tulips, billy balls, and cute little blue birdies from Dollar Tree.

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