Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Victory & Vacation

I'm back! Sorry it's been awhile. Where to begin...

I am done with school! YAY! I wasn't able to be here for my graduation because Landon and I were in Jamaica, which I will share more about down below, but I was here for the Interior Design Portfolio Event where all of the graduating students display their best work. It was so awesome to see everyone's work come together. They were all so amazing! There were awards for Most Improved, Student Choice, 1st 2nd & 3rd Place Residential, and 1st 2nd & 3rd Place Commercial. I was really pleased with how my display and portfolio turned out but I am being honest when I say I never expected to receive 2 of the top awards, Student Choice & 1st Place Residential. I am SO excited to be done but so sad at the same time. I made so many great friends and had so many fun memories during the past 2 years at LDSBC. But of course change is inevitable and its time to move on to bigger and better things! (I hope :) )

Landon and I were able to go on another Spring vacation thanks to Premier Senior Marketing, a company that Landon uses in the insurance business. It just so happened that the dates were right on top of my graduation, but it wasn't too horrible giving it up to go on vacation to Jamaica. We had lots of fun getting tan, relaxing, swimming, petting crocodiles, jumping off waterfalls and rope swings, and learning how rum is made. Ok so the last one wasn't what I would call fun. It was really interesting but I was ready to go after the first 5 minutes. Let's just say I don't find much fun learning about how alcohol is made and watching people get sloshed ;). All in all we had a great time and weren't ready to come home to rain.

Now for the best part of the story...On the way home our layover was in NY, but we had to circle the airport for over an hour because of the weather and ended up missing our connecting flight home. The next flight to SLC wasn't until the next day at 8:00pm. At first I was really excited thinking about what we could do in the city for the day until we called 6 hotels in Manhattan and all were booked unless we wanted to pay $780! So we ended up 15 miles in the opposited direction of the city in a place called Westbury. Ever heard of it? Me either. So needless to say... no day in the city. It would have been too expensive for transportation and we would have had to haul our luggage around with us. So we spent a boring day of doing pretty much nothing and sitting in the airport for 4 hours. But we did make it home and overall we had a great time! Pictures to come in my next post!

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  1. Congrats on graduating! And it's no surprise to me you won those awards--you're amazing Lexie!