Saturday, February 26, 2011

French Neoclassical meets Biedermeier

I am finally sharing pictures of one of my favorite design projects I did last semester. The project was for Historical Furnishings, and we had to choose 2 styles that we had discussed in class and combine them into one design for a living/dining room. I chose French Neoclassical and Biedermeier. Most of you have probably heard of French Neoclassical, but Biedermeier is a little obscure to most people so I will tell you a little bit about it...

Biedermeier was an influential style of furniture design from Germany during the years 1815-1848, based on utilitarian principles. Throughout the period, emphasis was kept upon clean lines and minimal ornamentality. Some of the designs even look like modern pieces, such as the stools I used in the living room of my project.

Before I took the class, I hadn't heard of it either, but I fell in love! And I am really pleased with how my project turned out. The other pictures seen above are just inspiration used for the project.

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  1. very nice! nice mix of ornamentation vs. simplicity. you and arica have gotten me really excited for this project!