Friday, January 14, 2011

San Fran...& a blizzard

Over the break Landon and I drove out to Cali to visit one of Landon's good friends from the mission and his wife. We were lucky we actually made it there because we got caught in a crazy blizzard going over Donner's Pass and had to buy chains for $70 from a guy on the side of the road. It was a tender mercy that we actually had money to pay for them and didn't have to turn around. Landon had had cash the day before but for some reason deposited it all before we left and I had $2. Luckily, that day I went to get my passport renewed for our trip to Jamaica and put Landon's checkbook in my purse to pay for it. We normally just leave it at home and only pay bills, tithing, or fast offerings with it. We NEVER carry it with us. But I just happened to have it. And luckily the kind man actually took a check from us. I guess he figured we looked like good honest people :). Let's just say that we probably won't be driving there next time. LONGEST drive ever!

Once we got there we had an awesome time hanging out with Alec & Cari. They showed us around Folsom and were our tour guides in San Francisco, along with our newfound friends David and Lindsey Stauffer. We hit Fisherman's Warf and had clam chowder, saw the sea lions at Pier 49, hung out at the beach by Golden Gate Bridge, went to a fun science museum, shopped around at Union Square, had an interesting dinner experience at FarmerBrowns, and ate hot fudge sundaes at Ghiradeli Square. Then Landon and I spent the night in dowtown San Fran and went to an AMAZING little cafe for brunch called Honey Honey Cafe and Crapery. I would HIGHLY recommend it. Yummy crepes and fresh squeezed orange juice.

On the drive back to Folsom we stopped by one of the law schools Landon applied to, McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento. He really liked the atmosphere and loved even more the fact that they have an Elder Law program/clinic. I on the other hand was a little scared because its surrounded by kind of a scary neighborhood, but the campus was nice and we would probably end up living in Folsom if thats where we end up going. So that concludes our adventure. Unfortunately we had to head home early and got to spend New Years driving in the middle of nowhere so that we wouldn't get got in another snow storm, but we had such a fun time! I have been wanting to go to San Francisco forever so my wish finally came true! Here are some pictures to document our trip...

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  1. Looks like you had a fun trip! I love san fran it is one of my favorite cities to visit!! I am so glad you made it home safe those crazy blizzards!!