Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An Exciting Year Ahead...

We have quite the year ahead of us.

2011 will consist of:

  • Landon graduating from Weber w/ a Bachelor's in Economics

  • Me graduating from LDSBC w/ an Associate's in Interior Design

  • Trip to Jamaica

  • New primary class

  • Law School

  • Moving out of state

  • and many more unexpected adventures!

The new year also started out with a new bedroom for us...

My awesome mother in law gave us this new duvet for Christmas, my talented mom made me the adorable ruffle pillow (it may look familiar if you've seen the cute pillows from Plush Studio), and Landon gave me the sunburst mirror for my birthday, (Can you believe I found it at Michael's!?) and I found the tufted headboard online for a steal.


  1. where did you get the headboard Lexie? We need one BADLY! let me know!

  2. you're adorable, lexi. your bedroom is so classy and cute, just like you.