Friday, December 10, 2010

Succulent Love

So if you don't already know, I am in LOVE with succulents. So when I saw these awesome little trees made of them I about died! They are from this awesome blog. Too bad they range from $100-$150 dollars each and you have to live in California to buy one because they are too fragile to be shipped out of state. But she does have some other amazing things in her shop that can be shipped. Here are some of my favorites... P.S. Go check out everything in her holiday shop. There are some awesome ornaments and such.

This crazy thing is called an air plant. You soak it in water every so often and it stays alive with no root system and without being potted. SO awesome!


  1. I LOVE SUCCULENTS, and those trees are to die for! thanks for sharing. (:

  2. 1- i completely share this love for succulents! they're so cute and so easy to keep alive! :) and 2- air plants are the coolest. i've been dreaming about them since last spring when i thought i'd make a mobile with them. (didn't happen...) low maintenence and adorable = my kind of plants. good post. :)