Thursday, December 16, 2010


IT'S FINALLY OVER! Fall semester that is. SO relieved and happy. Don't get me wrong, I love learning about design, but these past couple of weeks have been CRAZY! This was my post today on facebook..."after 5 final projects, countless burns from the glue gun, way too many rubber cement fumes, a nasty cold, a few meltdowns, & a partridge in a pear tree, I am done with the semester. Now some time for my brain to recover!"

And my brain really does need to recover. These are a couple of the mindless things I have done that really wouldn't have been a big deal if I would have had a brain:

1) Pulling out a new garbage bag for the large kitchen garbage and finally realizing after a minute that it won't fit because its meant for the bathroom garbage that is half the size.

2) While frantically finishing my AutoCAD final, screaming at the computer because the dimensions I'm drawing aren't showing up and realizing a meltdown later that it was because I had just turned the layer they were on off.

And these are only a couple of the stupid things I have done. So I will be happy to have my brain back so that I can finally get to all the other things on my to do list such as:

do ALL of my Christmas shoppping
renew my driver's license that expired on Nov 25 when I hit the big 21
write thank you notes from my birthday
FINALLY clean our embarrassingly messy apartment
and a few others

I am also excited because I can post on this blog again. I have several things I have been wanting to share but haven't had time to sit down and actually post them. So stay tuned for some posts over the next few days about school projects, wedding flowers, christmas trees and some fun design youtubes.

Ta ta!

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