Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Dinner + Harry Pottery + Family + Nap + Awesome Husband = Awesome Birthday

(I don't particularly love the above picture of myself, but I don't have many recent pictures of Landon and I so I will post it anyway.)
So as seen from the title of this post, I had an awesome birthday. Everyone asks if I like having my birthday on Thanksgiving (every 5 years except when leap year factors in) and I have to say that it's pretty great. It seems like my birthday lasts the whole week because I'm celebrating with different people almost every other day other than my actually birthday. It started off on Tuesday when Landon ended up giving me all of my presents because he was too excited to wait. :) Then Wednesday my parents gave me their gifts because we had Thanksgiving with the Sandbergs. Thursday of course was Thanksgiving. Landon made me breakfast, we ate Thanksgiving dinner at Little America, took a nap, saw Harry Potter (loved it), and then spent the night at the hotel. Today I went shopping with Becky and Mandy (mother in law and sister in law) and went to dinner with my family. And to end out the week, tomorrow is lunch with the Sandberg girls. Whew! What a week! Thanks so much to all of my friends and family! And to all of you that sent me birthday wishes via text or Facebook! Love you guys!

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