Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Happenings

Yes I am alive...surprisingly. After these past couple of months it really is a surprise. I have been crazy busy with school but I am proud to present the final product...

This project was for Studio II. The whole class consists of 2 commercial projects that we design individually. The first was a retail space that we were given the floorplan for and then we could design any kind of retail space we wanted. I chose a fine paper store and I named it Caldwell Paperie. It was a TON of work. We had to do a spec binder, construction documents, and these final presentation boards. It took up the whole first half of the semester. But I was really happen with how it turned out.

We had this past week off ( which was MUCH needed) and we start on our 2nd and final project this week. This one will be fun because it is an actual project. Our designs won't necessarily be chosen to use but it's still nice to work on a "real" space. We could chose between 2 apartment clubhouses. One will be in Eaglewood (North Salt Lake) which will be Urban/Contemporary. The other is down by Cabela's and is Mountain Contemporary. I'm going for the Mountain Contemporary because it's something new that I've never tried before. So we'll see how it turns out. Enough about school, like I said, I need a break. :)

I must say that I think our costumes turned out pretty good for being last minute. I decided to do my own version of Martha Stewart's sorceress costume and decided a better name was "fortune teller" and Landon was Nacho Libre. We had a yummy Halloween dinner at the Sandberg's but nothing too exciting other than that. It was just nice to have NOTHING to do. Imagine that. Now back at it. Only about a month to go and then one more semester until we both graduate! WAHOO!

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