Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hi to all of you reading this! I have been pleasantly surprised to see how many people actually read this blog! I put a counter on the blog a few months ago from statcounter and as of right now this blog has had 1,208 views! Even crazier than that... 270 of those are from this month and it's only the 8th! But... had I not put that little counter on here I would never know about all you readers because you never leave any evidence of your stay! So leave a comment!! I got a new camera ;) so I will be posting more in the near future, including pics from NY so check back soon! And check out my new post below about my latest project from school.


  1. you just have to fake a pregnancy! works for me everytime haha! it was fun going to the aquarium and shopping! love ya sis.

  2. haha i agree with that girl up top. i for sure got the most comments when i announced my pregnancy!! here's a comment to provo your stats! (and cause you commented on mine) :) yeah i'll make you a header! just cause i love you! you have to tell me kind of how you want it though. ok great! bye! :)