Sunday, August 1, 2010

More of Summer 2010

I know, I know, I've been slacking on the blogging again. But like I've said before, I'm all about pictures, and I still don't have a camera after it fell in the water camping. But I did steal a few pictures from Landon's phone.

(From our camping trip...see previous post)

We've been up to quite a lot since our camping trip. We had an awesome time in Lake Powell, but unfortunately had to come home a couple days early because of my summer classes. I'm so mad I didn't get pictures, but my cousin Whitney's husband, James, made an awesome video of the trip! I've been trying to figure out a way to put it on my computer so if I can somehow figure that out I would love to post it.

(My mom & I at Lake Powell)

We had lots of fun over the 4th watching fireworks and having BBQs. We also went to the Oakley Rodeo for the first time which was really fun! Oh and I forgot, after we got back from Lake Powell my cousin Annie got married! I was able to do her flowers which turned out really cute. Everything looked so beautiful! Congrats Annie and Steve!

(Oakley Rodeo w/ Braden Johnson & Whitney Bowerman)

(Cute Annie & Steve)
The 24th was Will's bday (Landon's brother) and Will's bday is always a party! We went to dinner and a REAL Salt Lake game with fireworks after. Lots of fun and definitely a new experience!
Other than that I have just been working on my summer classes and Landon has been studying for the LSAT this fall, yep next year we will be headed off to law school somewhere! This whole past week was his study prep course from 9am to 4pm and then work after that so it felt like we didn't see much of each other, but I guess it's good preparation for the first year of law school. We did go celebrate last night with dinner and a movie though. We saw Charlie St. Cloud, it was pretty good but a little slow. But a movie we would definitely recommend is Inception. So good!

On Friday we got to babysit our niece and nephew, Adlen and Grant, they are so cute and fun! We took them up Mueller Park Canyon for a little hike. Landon was so cute with them, telling them that after we crossed the bridge we were entering into a magical land with magical creatures and then as we were hiking he would ask them if they could see them. Cute little Adlen finally caught on and was using her imagination to see them too. Landon will be such a great dad some day!
Summer is going by so fast! Landon will be starting school in less than a month! I am pretty lucky and don't start fall semester until mid September but I know it will sneak up on me!
So this last picture has quite a story to go with it. I was at my parent's house and Landon met me there after work. I got in the car when we were ready to head home that night and looked in the back seat, only to find these stuffed birds! So Landon proceeds to tell me this story that he went to a clients house to help them with their insurance and he had all these stuffed birds. Landon told him how cool his birds were to which the man replied, "Really? Do you want 'em? I'm movin in a couple days and I'm just going to get rid of them." So Landon, not knowing what to say, says sure! Ha ha. This is probably one of those stories where you just had to be there, but when I saw those birds and he told me the story, I could NOT stop laughing. I'm surprised this picture isn't totally blurry because I was laughing so hard! And there are even birds than are in the picture, he just couldn't hold them all. And no they are not hanging in our house, they Landon just ended up throwing them away. Sorry if you wanted them :)

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