Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sorry it's been a while, I haven't had much to post in that last couple weeks, well lets just say I haven't had any pictures to post (and I mostly look at blogs for the pictures) so sorry this post doesn't have any. But to tell you the truth, I'm writing this blog more for me than for the people reading it, if there are any ;). It's my way of keeping somewhat of a journal since I'm horrible at keeping a real one. So lets see... over the past couple of weeks, I started school again (just one design class and a BOM class, so hopefully it won't be too bad) , Jessica and Ben both had birthdays, I was finally able to plant my little flower bed now that it's finally getting warm, I got a new job, we hung out with the family on Memorial Day, and this weekend we went on our annual trip to Ennis, Montana with the family.
So let me explain a little more about my new job... my mother-in-law Becky is a Nurse Practitioner and she has a student shadowing her right now that works at a place in Salt Lake called Physician's Surgery Center. So I got hooked up with a job through her, working there as what I guess you would call a medical assistant. When I go in the first day for an "orientation", which I thought would be just an overview of the job and its requirements, the lady at the front desk takes me back to the changing room and gives me scrubs to change into and puts me right to work cleaning out a toiletry closet. I'm thinking "man what did I get myself into, I guess I should bring an iPod next time." (I guess I've been a little spoiled because being a florist allows me to do something fun and different everyday and be around amazing flowers). But not even 5 minutes later the head nurse comes and gets me and tells me I'll be working with the other nurses for the day. So to make a long story a little shorter, I spent the day prepping and discharging patients from eye surgeries which included taking out IVs and all sorts of things I was wondering if I was qualified to do. ha ha. Those patients would probably be a little scared if they found out I was a florist. Well anyway, it's a great job and pays REALLY well and gives me something to do when I'm not doing flowers. So thanks Becky for the sweet hookup! :)
Our trip with the family was also really fun this weekend. We hit Ennis fishing for a day and a half and then drove through Yellowstone and ended up in Jackson Hole for a night and then headed home. It was nice to get away for a couple days. Now we can't wait to hit Powell in a couple of weeks!

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