Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nieces & Nephews

So as you've heard in my previous post, we have two new little ones in the Sandberg Family. They are both adorable babies! We also have 7 other cute nieces and nephews that are great birth control for Landon and I. We get to go have fun with them and then send them on their way ;). I watched Baron the morning that baby Julia came home and we had lots of fun with his new Woody. Because Will and Em live so close to us we get to see Bear a lot and he has become Landon's new little buddy. He's told me that if he could have a kid just like Baron he'd have one right now. We love Baron and all of our nieces and nephews so much!

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  1. Admit it Lexie...Maddie makes you want to have babies, just look at that face like a deer in headlights. We are just hoping to have cousins together one day, maybe our number 2!