Monday, April 19, 2010

Bahama, Come On Pretty Mama

This was the ultimate motivation to make it throught the semester...a trip to the Bahamas. Thanks to Premier Senior Marketing, one of the insurance companies that Landon works with, we headed out for an all inclusive beach resort vacation in the Bahamas. Our adventures included snorkling, a fish fry dinner, a pirate museum, the downtown straw market, and lots of relaxing on the beach and taking long naps. The snorkeling was probably the highlight of the trip. They took us to the spot where scenes from Jaws, Into the Blue, and Mythbusters were filmed, we saw the only private beach in the Bahamas, owned by Peter Nygard, a fashion designer with a beach extravaganza worth over 100 million. It burnt down a few months ago and they are rebuilding right now. And last but not least, swimming with Caribbean Reef Sharks ( I passed on this because it had started to rain and I was freezing and because I didn't like the thought of swimming with sharks that could potentially attack me.) But of course Landon couldn't pass it up. They dropped a bait cage to the bottom so the sharks would stay down low and had you hold onto a rope with both hands and just float above them. (No splashing allowed.) Maybe now you understand even more why I passed on this adventure.

We had an awesome time and even got a pretty good tan. Of course we didn't want to go home, Landon has to face finals this week, but back to reality!

Twin Brothers Fish Fry
Pirate Museum

Poor Lando had to bring the books along to study for finals

Straw Market

Tiger Woods on the wall of fame at the snorkeling outfitter


  1. Oh my heck lex! Looks like you guys had an amazing time! I've got to show you some of our pics, I think I've got a pic of Josh in that same contraption that Landon is in... so... what'd you think of the pirate museum?? Totally worth it huh?! ha ha Love the pics!

  2. as if you need a tan Lex :) You are brown ALWAYS (jealous!!!). I wish we could head to the Bahamas. Looks like you had a great time. What did you think of the inclusive resort? Would you do it that way again?

  3. Hey Tisha! I was feeling a little pasty but I guess I should be greatful for what I've got ;)! The resort wasn't technically all inclusive but because it was for a business convention, they were paying for it all so we just charged everything to our room and they payed the ticket! Nice! But if you're just going on your own I would definitely find an all inclusive resort because everything in the Bahamas is SO expensive! We would have been paying $80 for dinner every night eating at the hotel. Crazy!

  4. that looks peaceful, exciting, beautiful, perfect...and that it was free makes it that much better! landon is daring i would never get in a body of water with sharks lurking. i would love to have heard your moms response to that story.

  5. You two look so happy! Happy anniversary in a couple days!