Friday, March 19, 2010

We Love A Little FUN

Tuesday night we headed to Boondock's with some of the fam after having everyone over to our apartment for dinner. We had lots of fun bowling and playing arcade games. Of course Landon won the game of bowling, if you know him and his competitive nature at all that won't surprise

you. :) And Cody set the all time record for the punching bag arcade game. You can go check out his score posted at Boondock's ;). Let's just say we had two pretty proud boys on our hands! You can't see little Maddie's face in the picture, and it's just too cute to pass up so here's a shot...


  1. How fun!! I love little family outings like this!! I love love that pic of little Maddie!

  2. you and landon sure are FUN! i love that picture of you two. who knows what we will end up doing for cody's bday but i am sure one of them will take home the "gold" again. we had a great time!

  3. lex and lando...
    cute pics!! and dang cute blog! I saw your mom last night and said you guys are doing great and that lex is such a great daughter in law...(ps i live in bntfl now.)
    good luck with finals...
    your cuz...