Saturday, February 20, 2010


We were in St. George with the Sandberg's this year for Valentine's (Pictures to come), so we didn't really do anything to celebrate, just the two of us. We did have a fun little Valentine's party with the Sandberg's which included HEART bingo. Is it possible NOT to get a single bingo in two rounds of that game?? Yes, it is. I accomplished this feat and Will, Landon's brother, made sure I knew what a loser I was. But I gave him a little taste of his own medicine much to his surprise ;). The girls had a fun day out on Saturday getting pedicures and seeing "Dear John" (actually pretty good and not as cheesy as I expected). We came home Monday and the next day I went to work to finish up and deliver some arrangements for people who were out of town for Valentine's and when I walked into our workroom this little lovely was sitting on the table. Looking at it just makes me happy. It's made of anenomes and ranunculus, two of my favorites. Anenomes are crazy because they keep growing after they are cut, just like tulips, so the arrangement is almost twice as big as it was when I got it. People always ask if I still like getting flowers even though I'm a florist...YES! I think it makes you appreciate it even more, and it's great when you have a boss who knows exactly what you will love. Landon is the best husband ever!

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  1. you do have a knack for beautiful things. those are fabulous just like that arrangement you made me. we enjoyed them grately.