Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jazz Game

Landon's dreams came true yesterday, as we sat 6th row, center court at the Utah Jazz game. There are few times when I've seen him happier than when he opened that birthday card from my parents and then actually sitting there at the game. Conveniently I had a class at school that night so I was already in Salt Lake (we got free parking at the Triad center because it's also my student parking which was great, saved us $8). Landon came down and met me and we had a fun night eating at Happy Sumo and going to the game. The highlight of the night was President Monson sitting about 5 rows in front of us! Oh and the Jazz won ;) As you can tell Landon was pretty excited...


  1. man, i need to ask shannon and terrie for a birthday present this year! JEALOUS!

  2. AWESOME! We had our best Jazz experience sitting ON The court. I got to razz Kobe Bryant and I got hugged by the Jazz Bear. It was amazing. No Pres. Monson though! Oh, and I wanted to tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow table you got from TJ Maxx. So cute! We live in the same state now so I hope to see you soon!