Monday, December 7, 2009

A Teenager No Longer!

Yep, I finally hit 20! I have to say this has been one of the best birthdays yet, the whole week was packed full of things to do! The Tuesday before my birthday my best bud Alyssa took we to lunch at Cucina in the Avenues. (SO GOOD!) Then Wednesday was my birthday. Landon's family had pictures that day by the same guy who did our wedding pictures, Kelly Sansom, and when Landon told him it was my birthday and I was turning 20, he just had this amazingly shocked look on his face and said,"You're that young!? Man Landon you definitely robbed the craddle!" For some reason I thought he knew I was that young all along but I guess not. Hopefully I'll still get that reaction when I'm 50! ;) Anyway, the day was great! After pictures at the Capitol, Landon took me to dinner at The Garden (fried pickles there are THE BEST!) and then we went and saw New Moon at the Gateway. Definitely a low budget film and just a little cheesy but fun to see if you've read the books. Then we drove to Midway where we spent the night! Such an awesome husband I have! Oh and I forgot, Landon got me these awesome freshwater pearl earrings that I had seen when we were getting my ring cleaned forever ago, that I had totally forgotten about but loved! Man am I spoiled! The next day we drove to my grandparents house for a yummy Thanksgiving, always fun! On Friday, Landon's mom, my mom, and all the Sandberg girls went out to lunch and Christmas shopping, and finally on Sunday we had a little family dinner and a cute cupcake cake to celebrate with my family! Thanks to all of my great friends and family for making my birthday so awesome! I love you guys!

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