Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I hope your Halloween was as good as ours! We had a fun day sleeping in, carving pumpkins with my dad, eating lunch with my parents at Cafe Rio, and we ended the day with a fun night at Landon's parent's house eating yummy chili, salsa, hot chocolate, and donuts! Landon wasn't too keen on the idea of dressing up because we hadn't thought of a very good costume idea, bit's not Halloween without dressing up! So I rummaged through my mom's costume boxes and pulled out an old dress from a dance and pulled off a pretty good witch. The other highlight of the night was our nephew Baron who was dressed up as Waldo... so CUTE! Oh and if you know Landon well enough you probably aren't surprised that he carved a Y in his pumpkin even though they left him quite disappointed after their last game.


  1. Ben was right...you look GREAT! You and Cody must get your pumpkin carving skills from your dad.

  2. Love the Witchy costume! You're so fun!