Tuesday, October 20, 2009

$15....Not Too Shabby

I was on a quest to find the perfect round kitchen table over the summer. Right before school started my mom and I found it at the DI in Centerville for $15. Well it was $25 but the guy really liked my mom and I so he gave it to us for $15. :) Well after it sat in my parent's garage for about a month, received a good sanding and a couple coats of paint, I finally brought it home to our apartment!Landon was a little scared when I told him I was painting it two different colors, but he decided I actually do know a little bit about design once he saw it. :) The chairs are from IKEA and we also painted a couple of barstools black that Landon's mom gave us when they remodeled their kitchen. The dumbest thing I did was not taking a before picture!

These are some pictures from a wedding I did the flowers for last week. Red and black gets a little old after awhile, but this wedding was probably one of my favorite's with this color scheme. They got especially lucky with the leaves changing outside. The next Saturday, all the leaves on that awesome red tree were completely gone! No, I didn't make the cake, but it was so simple and elegant. If you ever need an awesome cake artist, use LAYERS, she's based in Bountiful, and her cakes are AMAZING! They don't even look edible they are so detailed and perfect!

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  1. Hey Lex, very cute table. I have found the best furniture at the DI and then sand and paint, and its good as new. Yours turned out super cute. Thanks again for your help with the event. It was a huge success and I'd love to have you be apart of Pom Plan moving forward. Will you email me your address? rachaelwlambertatgmail
    Take care, Rach