Thursday, July 16, 2009

J Shwanke

Working in the floral industry has its ups and downs. Some downs are...bridezillas, tempermental flowers, orders that come in wrong, allergies, and standing for long periods of time. The ups...working with awesome flowers, brides that aren't picky, and having sparks of creativity and inspiration. This week I was able to attend a floral workshop at our wholesaler, Esprit in Salt Lake. J Shwanke was the man of the night. He's a 3rd generation florist and quite a spunky man. He's made quite a living for himself. You can check out his awesome website at Anyway, the first night we watched and he inspired us with his amazing creations. The next day was the hands on workshop, and he showed us tips and tricks for making a cascading bouquet...the latest and greatest trend in weddings. Who would have guessed!? The one he had us make in the workshop definitely wasn't my style, a little too over the top with all the glitter. I have to admit though, with a new twist and a little assymetry, they can be fabulous! I learned a ton of new tricks and tips and am freshly motivated to bust out my creativity!

One of my favorites... SO AWESOME! ...

And finally... my creation...

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  1. Lexie, I am so impressed with all your creations. Keep up the good work. For my next wedding you'll have to do the flowers.