Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gone Fishin

Lando & Monty J at "Cousin's Candy Shop" in Virginia City

Thursday afternoon we headed out for Ennis, Montana for a weekend of fishing, watching movies, eating breakfast at the Ennis Cafe (quite the dive), and visiting Virginia City. It is BEAUTIFUL up there! Landon and I, my mom and dad, Grandpa Jim, Ben, Cody, Nick, and Landon's parents all went. Friday we were up and at it and it was a beautiful sunny day. And even better, everyone did really good fishing! Saturday wasn't so great though. It was FREEZING cold, bad fishing, and by the evening there was even snow drifts!! But we still had a great time and headed home this morning in more snow drifts. We were happy to get back home to a little warmer weather, and I was anxious to see if my pots survived. Don't ask me how but I didn't get any pictures of anyone's fish! I was a little too preoccupied struggling with my own fishing I guess. :) I'll have to steal some off of my mom's camera.


  1. How fun!! Looks amazing up there.. but cold!! You guys are too cute!!